What Not To Do In A Corn Maze

Getting lost in a corn maze can be scary. Authorities in Dixon, California, say they’re fielding 911 calls nearly every weekend.

What Not To Do In A Corn Maze
Christine Mahler / CC BY NC ND 2.0

This time of year, going through your local corn maze can be a lot of fun.

In the daylight, anyway, when you can clearly see where you're going. But at night ... 

KOVR: "A cornfield can be a field of dreams or your worst nightmare if you get lost. A Halloween fright in the dead of night."

OK, so maybe KOVR was a little dramatic there, but seriously — getting lost in a dark corn maze can be scary. So scary, in fact, that authorities are fielding 911 calls almost every weekend from people who get lost in a corn maze in Dixon, California.

Look, we totally get the fear. "Children of the Corn," anyone?

"CHILDREN OF THE CORN""Bring him the blood of the outlanders!"

To be fair, the Dixon one is huge. At 63 acres, the Cool Patch Pumpkins maze takes a couple hours to get through.

In fact, its website calls the maze the world's biggest.

But 911 calls from people lost in corn mazes happen at smaller ones, too. And either way, it's not good for authorities.

Take, for example, this warning from local media in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

KQCW"Officials say when that happens, it prevents the dispatcher from handling actual real emergencies."

Which is kind of a problem, so pro tip: Check out the maze in the daylight before venturing in at night. Or better yet, if you scare easily, just stick to daytime corn mazing.

This video includes images from Getty Images and Hugho226.