What To Expect When You're Expecting WWDC

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference begins Monday. Here's what the tech world says you should expect.

What To Expect When You're Expecting WWDC
Flickr / Steve Rhodes

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference begins Monday, which means the tech blogosphere is filled to the brim with juicy Apple rumors. (Via Flickr / Steve Rhodes)

Here's what the tech world says you should expect to see at WWDC.

Business Insider's Jay Yarow has pretty much confirmed we'll be seeing iOS 8. All thanks to some stealthy investigative journalism otherwise known as snapping pictures of banners being hung at the venue. (Via Twitter / @jyarow)

A long-rumored feature that persists to this day is the rumored Healthbook app. 

The app will collect all kinds of health information, from blood pressure and sleep to activity and oxygen levels. (Via YouTube / ConceptsiPhone)

And 9to5Mac points to a few other things we'll see in iOS 8. 

The infamous Apple Maps is set to receive some much needed improvements. From better mapping data to public transit, the outlet is predicting quite an overhaul. (Via Flickr / Kārlis Dambrāns​)

iTunes Radio might be broken out into its own app and the Cupertino company is also said to be considering nixing the under-utilized Game Center.

And several sources claim Mac apps TextEdit and Preview may be headed to iOS. (Via TechCrunch)

A few other rumors include a potential song identification feature for iOS — think Shazam.

And The Financial Times says the tech company is planning to add home automation features, like wireless lighting systems and thermostats. (Via Philips)

Now onto OS X — the operating system that powers Apple's computers — which is also expected to get a few improvements.

Josh Lowensohn of The Verge also relied on his investigative journalism prowess to snap this banner. Lowensohn says the image behind the X looks like Yosemite. (Via Twitter / @josh)

Which is of note, because as of the last update, Apple has begun to name new iterations of OS X after locations in California. The company could, in theory, announce OS X Yosemite at this year's WWDC.

The next version of OS X, which will likely be called OS X 10.10, is rumored to operate much like the current version, but it will reportedly look a bit different. Apple is expected to bring OS X more in line with the visual design of iOS. 

Now onto the pièce de résistance — hardware. What new gadgets and goodies is Apple set to unveil at this year's WWDC? Well, we won't really know until Apple's leadership takes the stage on Monday, but here are the rumors.

9to5Mac, which has had an impressive track record on predictions, says we probably won't be seeing a new iPhone, iPad mini, or iPad Air.

But an iWatch isn't completely out of the question. We've been hearing about a wearable from the Cupertino company for quite some time. MacRumors says the device will probably contain health sensors for tracking all kinds of health-related stats, like heart rate and movement. (Via YouTube / FinalCutKing)

Engadget says don't hold your breath; we might not see any hardware. The tech site writes, "at this point, there's a half-decent chance that Apple won't show off any hardware at all."

But don't hang your heads and put away your wallets just yet. Re/code got a chance to sit down with Apple's Eddie Cue, and he had some good news for Apple customers. 

EDDIE CUE: ​"Later this year we've got, you know, the best product pipeline that I've seen at Apple in my 25 years at Apple."
WALT MOSSBERG: "Hold on, the best product pipeline you've seen in 25 years?"
EDDIE CUE: "That's right." 
(Via Re/code)

We'll be following along Monday as Apple announces what actually will be coming from the company. Follow Newsy on Twitter to stay updated.