What We Learned From Studies On Finding The Perfect Partner

Finding the perfect mate is difficult. The myriad suggestions by these studies don't make it seem any easier.

What We Learned From Studies On Finding The Perfect Partner
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Looking for "The One"? Finding that perfect person is no easy task. 

The good news is that divorce rates are no longer on the rise. However, fewer people are tying the knot in the first place. So what does it take to make a lasting relationship? Plenty of studies have tried to figure that out. Let's break down the findings. (Video via TurboTax)

First, don't even think about walking down the aisle until your late 20s, suggests a study from the National Survey of Family Growth. But don't wait too long, either. The chances of divorce increase when you get married after your early 30s.

And get off those dating sites. This Mic study found the best way to meet is through mutual friends. Oh, and you should probably meet in Long Beach, California. It's the best place to find love, according to the Daily Beast. The top three spots, by the way, are all in Cali. (Video via

Your college major might also determine your mate. Ten to 21 percent of married college graduates chose a partner who has the same degree. This is especially true if you graduate with a bachelor's degree in theology, general science, pharmacy or music. (Video via Harvard University)

Now for the people themselves. Your ideal mate should be within a year of your age, be named Katie or David, and be your best friend. 

The two of you should be within six inches of each other in height, attend church regularly, date for at least three years and make more than $125,000. If in a heterosexual relationship, the woman should also be skinnier.

Found this person? We're impressed. But let's continue, because the wedding is pretty important, too. 

If you want a fairy-tale ending, don't have an expensive wedding. Spend less than $1,000, including the ring. This is your big day, so invite everyone. Couples who had over 200 wedding guests are least likely to get divorced. After all that, take time for yourselves and go on a honeymoon. (Video via State Farm)

Finding someone who meets all these qualifications seems pretty unlikely to us. But then again, can't love conquer all? 

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