White House Fence-Jumping Is So Last Week, Hacking Is In Now

In recent weeks, cyberattacks reportedly breached unclassified computer systems at the White House, and some are suggesting Russia is behind them.

White House Fence-Jumping Is So Last Week, Hacking Is In Now
Getty Images / Joshua Roberts

The White House was reportedly breached by what could have been Russian hackers. Somehow, we don't think they were after President Obama's credit card numbers. 

The Washington Post broke the news, citing anonymous officials who told them the hacks only affected unclassified systems. There's no word on whether any data was stolen or how much might have been taken.

While officials wouldn't say who they thought was behind the attack, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to peg Russia as the source.

That's partly because earlier this month it was discovered Russian hackers were exploiting a Windows bug to spy on NATO and Ukrainian computer systems. 

And then, of course, there are the multitude of retail hacks that have been brought to light this year, some of which have been traced back to Russia.

As if the hackers in this case were working with the Kremlin, sources told The Washington Post "the nature of the target is consistent with a state-sponsored campaign."

And while a cyberattack on the White House of all places may seem pretty audacious, this isn't the first time we've heard about it. Around this time in 2012, it was found that Chinese hackers had accessed unclassified White House computers using a phishing technique.

NEIL CAVUTO VIA FOX NEWS"Halloween might still be 30 days away, but this is scary today — Chinese hackers breaching a White House computer."

The FBI, Secret Service and NSA are all reportedly investigating this latest breach. 

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