White House Forms New Task Force To Combat ISIS Propaganda

The White House has announced a new task force aimed at countering online propaganda spread by terrorist groups like ISIS.

White House Forms New Task Force To Combat ISIS Propaganda

So far, the Obama administration's efforts to counter terrorist propaganda online haven't been terribly effective.

In an effort to change that, the administration is forming the Countering Violent Extremism Task Force, headed by the departments of Justice and Homeland Security. 

The task force will focus on undercutting ISIS' effective social media messaging, which has helped the terrorist group recruit new followers and inspire lone-wolf attackers. The State Department is forming a new initiative to help foreign partners combat ISIS propaganda as well.

The administration is also turning to private tech firms for help. Execs from tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook sat down with key administration officials Friday to discuss how to disrupt terrorist propaganda.

But it's not clear whether this meeting will result in any concrete counterterrorism steps. Most tech companies already have policies in place to combat terrorist content, and law enforcement's continued calls to weaken encryption still haven't gained much traction in the tech community.

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