President Biden Shortens Vaccine Eligibility Timeline

President Joe Biden says all American adults should be eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine earlier than initially planned.

President Biden Shortens Vaccine Eligibility Timeline
AP/Evan Vucci

"By no later than April 19, in every part of this country, every adult [18 or older] will be eligible to be vaccinated." 

President Biden moving up his goal of when American adults will be eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine, beating his original timeline by almost two weeks. 

"Yesterday we crossed 150 million shots [in the first] 75 days of my administration," President Biden added. "On our way of hitting our goal off 200 million shots by the 100th day in office."

On average, more than 3 million Americans are vaccinated every day. That has some Americans feeling optimistic about a return to normal life. 

"I feel like I'm finally brining epidemic to an end," said Ryan Willens. 

"All my friends have gotten vaccinated, and they don't feel too bad, so I said -- I was like, yeah, I guess I'll do it," said Joshetha Srinivasan.

All 50 states have at least announced when they plan to make vaccines available to anyone who wants one. But that might force some potentially vulnerable people to the back of the pack. 

"You've got to prioritize somehow. You can't just open it up," said Emily Kingston. 

The White House aware supply needs to continue ramping up as more infectious variants circulate across the country. And millions of Americans still don’t want a shot. 

"It's a patriotic responsibility you have," President Biden said.