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Why Male Black Widow Spiders Twerk For Survival

Male black widow spiders are taking a page out Miley Cyrus' book, twerking to alert potential mates of their presence.

Why Male Black Widow Spiders Twerk For Survival
National Geographic / Sean McCann

It appears male black widow spiders are taking a page out of Miley Cyrus' book, twerking to alert potential mates of their presence. 

A team of Canadian researchers made the discovery that male black widow spiders move their backsides rapidly, commonly referred to as twerking in human terms, when entering the web of a female spider. (Via LiveScience

But don't get the wrong idea, these male spiders aren't twerking because they think their female counterparts are, ahem, looking for some action.

No, they're twerking it out because the females are more than twice their size and will eat them if they don't send a gesture of good faith. 

You see, female black widow spiders are not the friendliest of mates, even by spider standards, so the male black widow sends friendly vibrations through the female's web to let her know he's here to mate.

And it just so happens that, like in humans, the best way to do this is by shaking your booty like there's no tomorrow. (Via E!)

And apparently, it's not just twerking it, but twerking it the right way that's key, gentlemen. 

LiveScience explains: "Strong vibrations sent the female spiders scurrying over in attack mode. But little whispers simply got their attention ... some even responded with abdominal twitches of their own."  

So there you have it: for a male spider, it's twerk or be eaten.