Wildcat Kills Oregon Animal Sanctuary Worker

The employee was killed Saturday night. Authorities said they had trouble getting to her because there were several other wildcats inside the enclosure in which she was attacked.

Wildcat Kills Oregon Animal Sanctuary Worker
The Oregonian / Jacques Von Lunen

Terrible news out of northwest Oregon, where a wildcat attacked and killed a woman at an animal sanctuary near Portland Saturday night.

The woman's name hasn't been released, but fire and rescue officials told local outlets she was 35 years old and an employee at the WildCat Haven sanctuary. (Via KATU)

KGW-TV reports authorities were called to the scene in Sherwood at about 7 p.m. Fire and rescue crews had difficulty getting to the woman because she was inside an enclosure. 

And that enclosure not only held the cat that attacked the woman, but several other wildcats. This made it difficult for crews to rescue the woman. (Via KOIN)

Rescue crews said the woman died from her injuries. Local outlets haven't been clear on whether the woman died at the scene or if she was taken to the hospital and died there. (Via KPTV)

Authorities haven't released much more information at this point. They also don't know which kind of wildcat attacked the employee.

The Oregonian reports WildCat Haven has many types of cats including tigers, cougars and bobcats. Those dangerous animals are not on display for everyone to see, though. Only private donors can tour the facility.

WildCat Haven has been in operation for 12 years and is home to more than 60 types of cats.