Wildfires Prompt Evacuations In Italy's Sardinia Region

At least 900 people were evacuated on the Italian island as fires have scorched nearly 50,000 acres so far.

Wildfires Prompt Evacuations In Italy's Sardinia Region
Alessandro Tocco / LaPresse via AP

Raging forest fires in central Sardinia have forced the evacuation of 900 people as flames threatened some residential areas and others were engulfed by dense smoke, firefighters said Monday.

No deaths or injuries have been reported.

“Currently, the situation for the people seems to be under control”, said Alessandro Paola, deputy chief for Italian firefighters' emergency department.

France and Greece dispatched aircraft to help put out wildfires, which have consumed nearly 50,000 acres in the province of Oristano. They join 10 Italian firefighting squads and five other aircraft deployed.

Chinese military personnel evacuate residents from a hospital where 3,000 people were trapped by the flood in Zhengzhou.

Climate Change Seen From Floods To Fires

Record-breaking rains flood parts of China and India. In one city, 24 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. In the U.S., drought and wildfires rage.


“It is an unprecedented reality in Sardinia’s history," regional governor Christian Salinas said. “So far, 20,000 hectares of forest that represent centuries of environmental history of our island have gone up in ashes.”

Firefighters battled all night bringing under control a blaze near the town of Montiferro that displaced 400 residents over the weekend.

The wildfires, which broke out over the weekend, have been spread by dry southerly winds.

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