Wildlife Officials Save Deer With Arrow In Its Head

The deer had the arrow in its head for at least 10 days before Fish and Wildlife officials were able to rescue it.

Wildlife Officials Save Deer With Arrow In Its Head
The Star-Ledger / Sarah Darrah

Steve Martin finally had that pesky arrow removed.

No, not that Steve Martin. (Via The Walt Disney Company / 'The Muppet Show')

This Steve Martin. This New Jersey deer was spotted last week with an arrow protruding from its face. The woman who took the pictures immediately contacted the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife hoping to save the deer. (Via WTVJ)

"I looked and I looked and I said, 'What the heck?' Then I came out of the house and came closer to him and saw it was the arrow." (Via News 12 New Jersey)

And from there, the search was on to find this now famous deer and remove the arrow. 

Saturday, Fish and Wildlife was finally in the right place at the right time and was able to tranquilize the deer. Once the deer fell asleep, the biologists removed the arrow, put antibiotics on the wound and waited for Steve to wake up. (Via WNBC)

Susan Darrah had nothing but great things to say about the Fish and Wildlife officials, telling The Star-Ledger, "I can not say enough, give enough accolades to the guys at Fish and Wildlife ... These guys were dedicated, determined and totally respective of me and my property... They were just terrific."

Officials from New Jersey's Fish and Wildlife say the deer's prognosis for survival after removing the arrow is excellent.