Will BAFTA Winners Predict The Oscars?

The British Academy Film Awards aired Sunday, and "12 Years a Slave" was crowned the best film. Do the BAFTAs foreshadow what's ahead at the Oscars?

Will BAFTA Winners Predict The Oscars?
Fox Searchlight Pictures / '12 Years a Slave'

The British Academy Film Awards​, or BAFTA Awards, were held Sunday night in London, and for the most part, they kept in line with this year's pretty unsurprising award season. 

"Gravity" got a lot of love, raking in six awards. "12 Years a Slave" took home two, including best film and the best actor award. Although best film is the biggest award, a writer for The Telegraph says "12 Years A Slave" got shut out. (Via Warner Bros. Pictures / "Gravity"Fox Searchlight Pictures / "12 Years a Slave")

"Some critics and film industry insiders have been proclaiming it as the film that would sweep all before it through this entire awards season, all the way to the Oscars. ... [BAFTA]'s electorate proved rather more [skeptical]."

So will the BAFTAs help predict the big one — the Oscars? It is notable that in all, the BAFTA results were a bit of a mixed bag.

There wasn't one film that swept the major categories. Although "12 Years" won best film and best actor, Cate Blanchett took home best actress for "Blue Jasmine." (Via IMDbSony Pictures / "Blue Jasmine)

Best supporting actor and actress came from "Captain Phillips" and "American Hustle." (Via Columbia Pictures / "Captain Philips")

A writer for Variety says when it comes to the Oscars, "These are very different voting groups, and their rate of similarity is pretty mixed." He also notes, "BAFTA has picked the same best pic winner as Oscar 11 times in 20 years, a so-so batting average." 

But The Hollywood Reporter says over the years, a lot has changed about the BAFTAs that could help determine the Academy's results. "Consequently, this year, BAFTA announced its winners roughly 48 hours after Oscar voting commenced, meaning that BAFTA members' choices could, conceivably, sway the votes of some Academy members."

The Academy Awards will air March 2 on ABC.