Winter Storm Slams Deep South

Winter storm warnings are posted across southern midwest as a massive cold front sweeps in from Canada bringing heavy snow, ice, and sleet.

Winter Storm Slams Deep South
The Weather Channel

When it comes to the weather, there are a few things you can count on: rain in Seattle, snow in Boston and heat year-round in the Lone Star State. Well, it seems the South is becoming a little less reliable this December. 

"Tomorrow looking at ice through Dallas all the way to Little Rock."

"The temperature will completely plunge." (Via The Weather Channel)

This will be the second major winter storm to hit the U.S. this season. The first started on the West Coast and migrated over to the eastern part of the country just in time to cause major Thanksgiving travel delays. (Via ABC)

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for all of North Texas. 

According to USA Today, "The ice could lead to significant travel problems and widespread power outages in cities such as Dallas, Little Rock, Memphis and Cincinnati ... "

But the Texas Department of Public Safety told KXAS they are ready to handle the upcoming storm, "We have equipment strategically placed throughout the district, and it's in place where it can be quickly mobilized."

But, experts are urging North Texas residents not to travel unless they have to. 

The local Dallas airport is also hoping it will be better prepared for this winter storm than the last one, which caused more than 300 delays and cancelations. (Via  WFAA)

"This weekend the airport is prepared for the worst with extra workers on standby." (Via KXAS)

And according to the Weather Channel, another winter storm could be on its way to the Southern Plains on Monday.