Woman Found Guilty Of Murdering Boyfriend With Stiletto Shoe

Ana Trujillo, 45, was found guilty of murdering her boyfriend Stefan Andersson, 59, with a blue suede stiletto heel.

Woman Found Guilty Of Murdering Boyfriend With Stiletto Shoe

The case that sounded more like a Hollywood murder thriller than real life has come to a close, and the verdict is guilty.

"A Harris County jury took just about an hour to find Ana Trujillo guilty in the murder of Stefan Andersson, discarding her claims of self defense. Prosecutors say she stabbed Andersson at least 25 times with her high heel." (Via KRIV)

Last June, prosecutors say Trujillo attacked her 59-year-old boyfriend with her blue suede stiletto during an argument.

"We the jury find the defendant Ana Trujillo, also known as Ana Fox, guilty of murder."

"Trujillo had no reaction, she'd been out on bond during the trial." (Via KTRK)

Now, the Houston trial enters the punishment phase for the 45-year-old woman. 

"Witnesses are crucial. She could get life in prison for killing her boyfriend ... her attorney says it was a case of self defense." (Via KPRC)

ABC reports the jury is expected to hear more evidence Wednesday when the punishment phase begins.

As Trujillo was led from the courtroom, she mouthed the words "I love you" to her family. She faces up to life in prison.