Woman Dies After Falling From Boyfriend's Roof

The New York woman was trying to climb the fire escape outside her boyfriend's apartment when she fell.

Woman Dies After Falling From Boyfriend's Roof
Bushwick BK

A Brooklyn woman is dead after police say she attempted to climb the fire escape of her boyfriend's apartment after the two got into an argument and fell four stories. 

Hannah Shaw and her boyfriend Alex Douglas had reportedly cooked dinner at home before going out for drinks at a local bar. According to Douglas by the end of the night they had gotten into an argument and he asked her to leave his apartment. (Via Facebook / Hannah Shaw

​Douglas told the New York Daily News“She was trying to climb down from the roof into my kitchen window and she fell... There is no fire escape.” She landed on the rooftop of an adjacent building three floors below and "cracked her head really bad." 

Douglas, who's 42 years old, told reporters he managed to get to 29-year-old Shaw after calling for help. He said he stayed and held her as she was "fading" away. 

Douglass said Shaw was a beautiful and quirky person. The two had been together for a year-and-a-half. (Via Facebook / Alex Douglas

Shaw was an aspiring fashion designer, and according one friend who spoke with the New York Post, "She was always happy and so kind and caring..." (Via  New York Post

She was reportedly a very talented designer. She told Bushwick BK in a 2009 interview she had declined recruitment offers from "Project Runway." 

No charges have been filed in Shaw's death but police are still investigating.