Woman Gets 70,000 Facebook 'Likes' For 100th Birthday

Centenarian Ruthanna Ridenour also has the key to longevity. She said she just keeps breathing.

Woman Gets 70,000 Facebook 'Likes' For 100th Birthday
Facebook / Autumn Ridge Rehabilitation Centre

Ruthanna Ridenour wanted to get 100 "likes" on Facebook for her 100th birthday on Sept. 19. She's now at more than 70,000.

The photo was posted on Indiana's Autumn Ridge Rehabilitation Centre's Facebook page

We spoke with her on Skype and she was blown away by the response: 

"I was surprised," she said on Skype. 

We also asked her the secret to longevity: 

"I just kept breathing," she said.

Sounds simple enough, right? 

On the now-viral Facebook post, people were commenting she looked amazing for 100. But Ruthanna is apparently not one for flattery: 

"Well, I think they might be a little bit blind, I don't know," Ruthanna said.

"They were saying you could pass for 65, easy," Newsy reporter Christine Slusser said.

"They didn't ever see 55, I don't think," Ruthanna said.

We also asked the centenarian if she had any advice for us young pups hoping to make it to triple digits. 

"Enjoy your young life while you got it," she said.

This video includes an image from Facebook / Autumn Ridge Rehabilitation Centre and music from Kevin MacLeod / CC BY 3.0.