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The Next Challenge For Women In STEM Is Here

Those fields already have a massive gender gap.

The Next Challenge For Women In STEM Is Here
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Women in STEM fields are about to get a new competitor: technology.

Sure, with more technology, some new jobs will be created — especially in STEM fields. But because those fields already have a massive gender gap, women will take a bigger hit from technology takeover. 

The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2020, women will gain one STEM job for every 20 lost to technology. Men will gain one for every four.

Robot and human hand

The Future Is Here, And It's Filled With Robots Taking Jobs

The White House reports artificial intelligence is putting some jobs at risk — especially in the driving industry.


Progress toward closing the gender gap has slowed recently.

But keep in mind, it's really good for economies to close this gap. The U.S. alone could add an extra $1.2 trillion to its GDP if it achieved gender equality by 2020. 

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