Yale University Lifts Lockdown After Reports Of Gunman

Police locked down Yale University after receiving a 911 call claiming a gunman was heading for campus with the intent to kill people.

Yale University Lifts Lockdown After Reports Of Gunman
New Haven Independent

Yale University was locked down early Monday in response to reports of a gunman on campus.

Police received a 911 call from a pay phone outside campus. The unidentified caller said his roommate was armed and heading to Yale's campus, intending to kill people. (Via News 12 Connecticut)

The campus was quickly placed on lockdown while authorities conducted a room-to-room sweep of campus buildings. Fortunately, most of the university's students had already left for the holidays. (Via WVIT)

Yale's campus alert system advised any students or staff still on campus to shelter in place until police had checked the area. The lockdown was partially lifted just after 3 p.m.

No shots were fired and authorities were unable to locate a suspect. Some witnesses did claim to see a gunman on campus, but WTIC reports they might have mistaken law enforcement agents for gunmen.

"Police have said in talking to at least one person, they believe that one person saw a person with a long gun on a roof and they believe that person misidentified what they now think is a law enforcement official." (Via WTIC)

‚ÄčNo injuries of any kind have been reported. Yale's November recess began Saturday, and classes are scheduled to resume next week.