YouTube Announces New Tools For Video Creators

YouTube is planning new apps, crowdfunding and subtitle projects for YouTube videographers.

YouTube Announces New Tools For Video Creators

YouTube has some new tricks up its sleeve — its first Creator Preview video announced imminent features for videomakers on YouTube.

“We want to give you more transparency into what we’re doing. We want to show you the features and products we’re building ahead of time, so you can tell us if we’re on the right track, or if we need to adjust a little.”

YouTube announced a mobile app specifically for creators, plans for crowdfunding directly through YouTube and a crowdsourced closed-captioning initiative.

AppleInsider expects the mobile app “is likely to allow for tasks like comment moderation which cannot easily be accomplished with the current mobile suite.”

It’s thought the donation system could work like Vimeo’s Tip Jar, which allows fans to help fund the creation of more content.

And subtitles powered by the collective Internet could give popular videos a much wider reach: Engadget says YouTube will take advantage of the fact that four of five of its views come from outside the U.S.

YouTube isn’t very specific on when to expect the new tools — but it plans to release more information on each one “in the coming months.”