Casey Mendoza

Casey Mendoza

Casey Mendoza

Entertainment Correspondent

Casey Mendoza sees pop culture through the lens of social issues, politics, history and technology. From the growing dominance of streaming, the democratized influence of online fandoms and the nuanced discussions about equity and inclusion in Hollywood, she's covered all things related to the ever-evolving entertainment industry. She feels most home at any comic-con around the country, or in her own living room, watching a romantic comedy with her husband and two cats.

Recent Work
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Feds pump $115 million into Jackson, Mississippi, water system

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In Real Life: Next Gen Stunts

In Real Life: Next Gen Stunts

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From 'The Proud Family' to 'The Good Doctor:' how TV discusses autism

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How the sound of 'John Wick' was crafted without real guns

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Inside the stadium: Taylor Swift kicks off 'Eras' tour

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Emotional, historic wins mark 95th Academy Awards

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How the 'Scream' franchise has continued to influence horror films

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What makes a movie's production design worthy of an Academy Award?