Evan Thomas

Evan Thomas

Evan Thomas

Digital Content Manager

Evan Thomas manages Scripps News content on the web and on mobile and streaming apps. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a journalism degree and has now spent more than a decade writing and editing news and managing teams under the Scripps News umbrella. Evan contributes climate and energy reporting, dabbles in photography and is a lifelong cyclist and outdoorsman. He lives in Colorado.

Recent Work
A combine harvests soybeans

Climate change could depress global income by almost 20%, study shows

Wind turbines in Indiana

Global wind power saw record growth in 2023

Floodwaters submerge a car in California

White House commits $830 million to new climate resilience projects

Hurricane Lee in 2023

Forecasters predict a well-above-average Atlantic hurricane season

A steel plant in Pennsylvania

US announces $6 billion for new emissions-cutting technologies

President Joe Biden promotes high-speed internet access in a speech

Biden's push for high-speed internet for all could lose funding soon

A graphical representation of the polar vortex

What is the polar vortex, and how does it contribute to cold snaps?

A map of billion-dollar disasters in the U.S. in 2023

2023 set a new record for billion-dollar disasters in the US

A Stephens’ kangaroo rat, which was protected under the Endangered Species Act until it recovered in 2022

The Endangered Species Act turns 50

An endangered Telmatobius culeus frog.

2,000 more species join the endangered species list

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks at the COP28 climate summit

At COP28, leaders reckon with the end of fossil fuels

Banners for the COP28 climate conference in Dubai

Some world leaders say they won't attend COP28 climate talks

The Greenland coast

Greenland glaciers are melting twice as fast as they did in the 2000s

A runner at dusk

Earth just experienced the hottest 12 straight months ever recorded

Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica

Study finds increased melting of Antarctic ice is 'unavoidable'

Law enforcement officers stand outside a courthouse in New York

What happens now that Donald Trump has been indicted?

Donald Trump exits a vehicle

What does Donald Trump's indictment mean for his presidential run?

grid-scale battery storage

The Promising Future Of Battery Storage On The U.S. Grid

Rioters scale a wall at the U.S. Capitol building

President-Elect Joe Biden Comments On Capitol Riot Response

President Trump

Lawmakers Discuss The Possibility Of Impeachment

A researcher works on the coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

AstraZeneca Admits To Mistakes In Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

A woman in South Korea on Thursday, Nov. 26, 2020.

South Korea Reports Spike In Coronavirus Cases

President-Elect Joe Biden speaks in Delaware on Nov. 25

President-Elect Joe Biden Delivers Thanksgiving Address

Coronavirus testing in California

Demand Strains Coronavirus Testing Sites Ahead Of Thanksgiving

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci Addresses Coronavirus Vaccine Safety

College basketball players

COVID Cancels Ivy League Seasons, Postpones More College Football

President-Elect Joe Biden

Republicans Push For President-Elect Biden To Get Intel Briefings

Washington, D.C.

Dueling Protests Expected in Washington, D.C. On Saturday

A worker collects absentee ballots for counting in New York.

New York Is Still Counting Mail-In Ballots

Nearly empty highways in California during stay-at-home orders over the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Has Changed U.S. Vehicle Emissions — For Now