Jake Godin

Jake Godin

Jake Godin

Visual investigations Correspondent

Jake Godin is a visual investigations journalist at Scripps News. In partnership with the open-source reporting team at Bellingcat, he investigates stories around the world using a mix of satellite imagery, open source video and photos from social media, and other media.

Recent Work
IDF officer inside the hospital

WHO gains access to a Gaza hospital, reporting dire conditions

Yahya Sinwar, head of Hamas in Gaza, greets his supporters

IDF has released video possibly showing Hamas leader fleeing

6-year-old Hind Rajab.

Missing 6-year-old Palestinian girl Hind Rajab is confirmed dead

A diagram of an R9X missile

'Flying Ginsu': A closer look at the missile that took out a US target

A building destroyed by an airstrike.

Satellite images show US strikes against Iranian-backed groups

Military base known as Tower 22 in northeastern Jordan

Iran-backed militia groups continue to attack US troops in Middle East

A protestor hold a sign which reads "Stop killing journalists."

The Israel-Hamas war has claimed the lives of more than 70 journalists

Satellite images show the locations of cemeteries in Gaza

Mapping the destruction of cemeteries in Gaza

Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip

What we know about the 3 Israeli hostages killed by the IDF

A graphic map showing the location of a video recorded in Jerusalem

Video appears to show Israeli forces beating a Palestinian journalist

A shell of white phosphorus

Investigations find Israel used white phosphorus made in the US

Smoke rises following an Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip

Palestinians receive confusing, conflicting evacuation orders from IDF

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

What is the status of the war between Ukraine and Russia?

Palestinians sell clothes in front of their destroyed store on the main road in Beit Lahiya, Gaza Strip

Gaza is becoming one of the world's worst humanitarian disasters

A view of the Gaza Strip following Israeli airstrikes

The difficulties of a ground invasion in Gaza

Burned cars next to homes

Telegram has become an information pipeline for the war

Palestinians wave their national flag and celebrate by a destroyed Israeli tank at the Gaza Strip

New footage and documents give insight into Hamas attack

An Israeli soldier mistakenly thinks he hears an air raid siren and jumps to the ground to take cover

What are Israeli forces up against?

Palestinians rescue a young girl from the rubble of a destroyed residential building

Gaza under an unrelenting bombing campaign from Israel

Charred and damaged cars along a desert road after an attack by Hamas militants

A Scripps News visual investigation dives deep into Hamas attack

Flooding aftermath

A visual investigation into why thousands died in Libya flooding

Memorial for Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Questions surface on circumstances surrounding Prigozhin plane crash

Tracking Russia's Ghost Fleet.

Russia's Ghost Fleet

Satellite footage of the wildfire

Timeline before elderly housing complex burned in Lahaina wildfires

Wildfire wreckage

Satellite images show devastation of Lahaina elderly centers

Ukrainian Air Force

Is Ukraine responsible for the recent drone attacks in Moscow?

The cost of Wagner's revolt.

Visual evidence highlights costs of Wagner revolt in Russia

Russian Su-27 approaching the back of an MQ-9 drone and beginning to release fuel as it passes, over the Black Sea

Analyzing how a U.S. reconnaissance drone was downed

A Red Cross worker closes the door of an ambulance carrying two Americans found alive after their abduction in Mexico

Analyzing where and how Tamaulipas kidnappings took place

An image says "Protecting Caribbean Coasts."

Will Luxury Resorts Threaten Caribbean Coasts?