Jason Bellini

Jason Bellini

Jason Bellini

International Correspondent

Jason Bellini is Scripps News’s international correspondent. Currently, his primary assignment is covering the war in Ukraine. He joined Scripps News in 2021. An alum of CNN, Bloomberg News, and the Wall Street Journal, Bellini has covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Iraq. He focuses on telling the stories of remarkable individuals who are being put to the test by the most extraordinary of circumstances.

Recent Work
Ukraine Suicide Sea Drones

Ukraine is using sea drones to deliver the fight beyond front lines

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, flanked by U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink

How much has the US spent on Ukrainian aid?

Ukrainian fighter pilot whose call sign is "Juice."

Ukraine mourns the death of ace fighter pilot 'Juice'

Helicopters flying in Ukraine.

Ukrainian operation leads Russian helicopter pilot to defect

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the owner of the Wagner Group military company.

Head of Wagner Group was aboard jet that crashed, Russian agency says

Ukrainian tank

Ukrainian solidiers in US tanks liberate Robotyne and free civilians

No Surrender: Ukraine's Unsung Heroes

No Surrender: Ukraine's unsung heroes

Commander Nazariy Kishak

Ukrainian troops wait to join the counteroffensive in the 'grey zone'

Ukraine's fearless mortar commander

'Witch' — Ukraine's fearless mortar commander — orders walls of fire

Ukraine's front line deminers

Ukraine's front line deminers: 'Always first, always forward'

Ukrainan drill commander

First you must survive the Ukrainian counteroffensive drill commander

A Ukrainian decoy mortar system made of wood.

Ukraine uses decoy weapons to diminish Russia's limited arsenal

Ukrainian surgeons doing surgery

Ukrainian village clinic is a first stop for wounded warriors

Ukrainian air defesnes

Air defense team protects front-line soldiers from Russian drones

Ukraine prepares for radiological emergency, terrorism at nuclear power plant

Ukraine prepares for terrorism at nuclear power plant

Ukraine's real-time war mappers.

Ukraine's 'Deep State' map: Fighters use it, 20-somethings run it

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the owner of the Wagner Group military company

Wagner Group halts advances toward Moscow amid brokered deal reports

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Putin vows harsh punishment as Russian troops rebel against country

Fire from an artillery attack in Ukraine

Ukraine's top general: Counteroffensive 'continues as planned'

Denis is pictured.

The race to save abducted Ukrainian teen, a pawn of Russian propaganda


Ukrainian PSYOP: Confuse Russia from Belgorod to Bakhmut

Fragments of a Russian rocket which was shot down by Ukraine's air defense system.

Ukraine shoots down 29 out of 30 missiles in latest attack from Russia

Ivan Fedorov

Mayor of Melitopol, Ukraine: Partisan sleeper cells await their cue

In Real Life: Ukrainian Sniper

In Real Life: Ukrainian Sniper


Ukrainian soldier's diary: An infantryman on the frontlines

No Surrender: Ukraine

No Surrender: Ukraine in 2023

Vadym and some helicopters

Ukrainian helicopter pilot's rare GoPro video of dangerous missions

Uliana Sozanska and her Brother Oleksandr Sozanskyi

Why a Ukrainian musician joined her fallen brother's army brigade

A cloud of smoke rises after Kyiv's air defense systems downed a drone

Tense drone incidents highlight latest Russian attacks in Ukraine

Ukraine's 43rd Artillery Brigade

Ukraine aims high-tech NATO artillery at high-value Russian targets