Jennifer Smart

Jennifer Smart

Video Editor, Documentaries

Jennifer Smart is a video editor and motion graphics animator for the Scripps News Documentaries team. Prior to joining Scripps in 2018, she was a junior editor in magazine video at National Geographic, specializing in animated explainers and motion graphics. She got her Bachelor of Arts in cinema and media studies at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Recent Work
Next Level: AI art is almost human, but it's fueled by unwilling artists
Scripps NewsTech

Next Level: AI art is almost human, but fueled by unwilling artists

In Real Life: Attacked Behind The Wheel

In Real Life: Attacked behind the wheel

Next Level: What Does The Future Of Gaming Look Like?

Next Level: What Does The Future Of Gaming Look Like?


Next Level: Can Gaming Be For Everyone?

Next Level: Remixing Video Games

Next Level: Can Modders Save Games By Breaking Them?

Next Level: Gaming's Cinematic Golden Age

Next Level: Are We On The Brink Of Gaming's Cinematic Golden Age?

Next Level: Are video games addictive?
NewsyScience and Health

Next Level: Do Video Games Help Or Hurt Our Mental Health?

Cowboy and child ride a horse
Scripps NewsU.S.

Ropes In Brown Hands


How Russia’s False Flags Set The Stage For War In Ukraine

A screenshot of a mobile phone displaying the App Store version of the game "Among Us."
Newsy Staff / Jennifer SmartTech

Apple Trial Shows How Platforms Shape Mobile Games

A screenshot of Ellie from "The Last of Us: Part 2"
Naughty Dog / "The Last of Us: Part 2"Tech

Why Video Games Are Looking More Like Movies

An animation of a video game player during coronavirus lockdown
Newsy / Jennifer SmartTech

How Video Games Can Help (Not Hurt) Mental Health


In Real Life: After The Fall

A distorted map of Texas, under the caption "What's Missing From Historical Games?"
Newsy Staff / Jennifer SmartTech

Video Games Are Teaching Players Real (And Alternate) History

A rendering of what the R9X missile is thought to look like in its complete form.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartU.S.

Tracking The 'Sword Bombs' Of America's Drone War

Newsy and Bellingcat spoke with multiple sources on the ground in Cameroon and in the diaspora.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartWorld

Cameroon's Conflict Puts Schools In The Crossfire

Protests in Colombia's third-largest city, Cali, have turned deadly after police use live ammunition.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartWorld

Colombia Cracks Down On Protesters, With Violent Results

A drawing of a thief in the middle of an NFT auction
Newsy Staff / Jennifer SmartTech

NFT Art Auctions Have A Piracy Problem

An investigation into a clifftop massacre in Ethiopia's Tigray region.
Jennifer Smart / NewsyWorld

Shedding Light On A Clifftop Massacre In Ethiopia

A broken video game character stands in a T-pose shape.
CD Projekt Red / "Cyberpunk 2077"Tech

The Big Problems Behind Big-Budget Video Game Flops

The Freedom Singer
Scripps News / Jennifer SmartU.S.

The Freedom Singer

Rising Tides Create New Climate Migrants
Newsy / Kevin ClancyScience and Health

Rising Tides

New technology has changed the way we meet.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartTech

Virtual Love

Tomorrow's War Could Be Waged By AI Weapons
Newsy / Kevin ClancyTech

Tomorrow's War

Less lethal munitions have been used by police departments all around the United States.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartU.S.

Police Use Of 'Less-Lethal' Munitions Has Exploded

Trump supporters breached the Capitol
Newsy / Jennifer SmartU.S.

How A Violent Mob Breached The Capitol

Yes To The Bless: Year One As A Millennial Nun
Newsy / Luke PiotrowskiU.S.

Yes To The Bless: Year One As A Millennial Nun

North Korea showed off its largest ICBM during a military parade.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartPolitics

Visual Evidence From North Korean Parade Shows Expanding Arsenal

A screenshot from "Animal Crossing"
Newsy StaffTech

Political Outreach Enters The World Of 'Animal Crossing'

The Data That Shows We Still Don't 'Say Her Name'
Jennifer Smart / NewsyU.S.

The Data That Shows We Still Don't 'Say Her Name'