Lindsey Theis

Lindsey Theis

Lindsey Theis

Health and Wellness Reporter

Lindsey Theis (which rhymes with "peace") is an award-winning storyteller who joined Scripps News in 2018 with a focus on health and science. During 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic became the health story that's demanded constant reporting, but Lindsey's also covered groundbreaking treatments, on the ground impacts of natural disasters like wildfires and floods, and problems and solutions related to various mental health topics.  She believes in telling stories that make the science aspect simple to communicate, and the health aspect focused on what matters to patients.

Outside of news, Lindsey's a novice watercolor painter and comedy nerd; she performs and teaches improv comedy and helps run a comedy nonprofit she co-founded. Lindsey is based in San Francisco, California. 

Recent Work
Smoke haze in New York

How to protect yourself from wildfire smoke and poor air quality

Child with a hearing aid.

Parents push for insurers to cover pediatric hearing aids

A man walks with a helping device.

Paralyzed man walks again using brain and spinal cord implants

A health professional shows doses of Monkeypox vaccines.

CDC warns of potential mpox resurgence

A first donates blood.

Blood centers work to adapt to new FDA donor screenings

Someone holding a cell phone

Data shows how smartphone use at young age impacts mental well-being

A sign announces the availability of COVID testing

What will change when the COVID-19 public health emergency expires?

magnifying glass to check mammograms

New recommended age for breast cancer screenings

Protesters of Kentucky Senate bill SB150, known as the Transgender Health Bill, cheer on speakers during a rally on the lawn

What really is gender-affirming care?

A child's feet next to a backpack

Hospitals seeing rise in pediatric, young adult mental health cases

Doctors perform surgery.

Doctor says more young female athletes are having hip issues

People sit in a circle in the woods.

Forest therapy is helping wildfire survivors heal their mental health

Scientists find trauma changes the brains of wildfire survivors

A patient prepares to take the first of two combination pills, mifepristone, for a medication abortion.

Doctors and patients wade through medication abortion 'chaos'

a group of doctors and psychiatrists

Children are at the front of a mental health crisis

Bottles of the drug misoprostol sit on a table.

OB-GYNs explain how abortion drugs work

bats in a cage

Why is the origin of COVID at issue?

Clara Oliva is pictured.

Woman sues artificial tears maker after loss of eyeball

A display of M&M's in a Costco Warehouse in Pittsburgh

Why is sugar so addictive?

A nurse processes COVID-19 rapid antigen tests.

Long COVID: What we know after 3 years in

Syringes with vaccines are prepared.

3 years after the pandemic began, where is the science now?

Kim Newcomer receives cancer treatment.

Colon cancer survivor aims to help other younger people with diagnosis

A woman sits with a kid in a hospital.

Doctors may have found a better way to treat pediatric brain tumors

John and Martha Pistacchi in their kitchen

New technology introduced to help Parkinson's patients walk

An image of a brain affected by Alzheimer's disease

Scientists make key discovery in fighting brain diseases

Heart transplant in transit

Upcycled organs and pig hearts: where cardiac transplant is headed

An illustration depicts cells in an Alzheimer’s affected brain

Why is there no cure for Alzheimer's yet?

Three people sit on a picnic table.

CDC report: Sexual violence against teenage girls has sharply risen

Scripps News' Lindsey Theis sitting with Jyoti Mishra

AI helps researchers develop personalized depression treatment

A shopper looks through the cosmetic department at a Target store.

Cosmetic product regulation is getting a makeover in the US