Matt Picht

Matt Picht

Matt Picht

Politics Reporter

Matt Picht is a politics reporter in Washington, D.C., who mainly covers foreign policy and international news. He joined Scripps News right after graduating from the University of Tulsa in 2013 and has been with the company ever since. Matt is always interested in a good story and hopes to shine a light on the human impact of foreign policy with his work.

Recent Work
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In Real Life: After Twitter

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Next Level: AI art is almost human, but fueled by unwilling artists

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Next Level: What Does The Future Of Gaming Look Like?

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'Project Airbridge': How FEMA Is Tackling Medical Supply Shortages

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Medical Supplies From China Are Still Facing U.S. Tariffs

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VA Secretary: States 'Haven't Asked Us' For Help With Coronavirus

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Coronavirus Prompts U.S. Tariffs Relief For Masks, Gloves From China

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Coronavirus Outbreak Has Paused A Lot Of Small Businesses