Patrick Terpstra

Patrick Terpstra

National Investigative Reporter

Patrick Terpstra is a national investigative reporter devoted to accuracy, clarity and fairness. His reporting relies on data, records and brave people willing to share their experiences. He aims to expose problems and difficulties with governments, corporations, and other mighty entities, while searching just as hard for solutions. His work at Scripps has exposed how a couple without medical experience led a massive troubled covid testing operation. He revealed how the state of Maryland secretly refused to implement key parts of a new online privacy law. He also uncovered how cellphone emergency alerts fail to warn people in the way of deadly wildfires. Prior to joining Scripps, Patrick covered Washington for the Cox Media Group. His reporting on former Congressman Paul Broun’s office spending led to the indictment and federal conviction of his chief of staff. Patrick can be reached at

Recent Work
Lev Parnas arrives on Capitol Hill.

Senators Use Q&A To Debate Impeachment Ahead Of Key Witness Vote

Chief Justice John Roberts at the Capitol
Getty Images 

Trump's Impeachment Defense Team Presents Case Amid Witness Debate

"We're not going to impeach people because we've got disagreements," said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina.
Megan Smith / NEWSYPolitics

What The Senate Impeachment Trial Will Look Like

Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Florida, speaks outside a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee.
Jeff Wick / NEWSYPolitics

Judiciary Committee Turns Focus To Articles Of Impeachment

People use e-scooters in a street
Nicholas McMillan / NewsyScripps News Investigates

National Scooter Safety Standards Are In The Works

Mitch Albom and Chika Jeune
Courtesy of Mitch AlbomU.S.

The Little Girl Who Taught Author Mitch Albom 'A Million Lessons'

Fiona Hill
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Diplomat, Trump's Ex-Russia Adviser To Testify In Impeachment Inquiry


Senate Able To Avoid Impeachment Spectacle ... For Now

The House of Representatives

What The House Impeachment Resolution Actually Does

A burned foundation
Zach Cusson / NewsyScripps News Investigates

2019 Sees Fewer Wildfires, But They're Hitting Populated Areas

Detention cell
Drew Snadecki / ScrippsScripps News Investigates

ICE Getting A Colder Shoulder This Year From Cities, Counties

courtesy of CAL FIREScripps News Investigates

Parts Of California Still Can't Get Wildfire Alerts

Graphic by Nicholas McMillan/NewsyScripps News Investigates

Juul's Lobbyists Now Include A Former U.S. Senator

Person riding scooter in a street
 Scripps News Investigates

Off Balance: The Scooter Craze Is Too Fast For Safety Rules

President Trump speaks to a crowd gathered at the Lincoln Memorial, July 4, 2019.
The White HouseScripps News Investigates

Letter Details Park Service Spending On Trump July 4th Event

Zach Cusson/NewsyScripps News Investigates

Park Service To Pay Extra For July 4th In DC Despite Unfunded Projects

Wildfire rages
Tennessee Division of ForestryScripps News Investigates

Newsy Investigation Finds Wildfire Emergency Alerts Lacking

Fire Trap: The Failure To Alert During Deadly Wildfires
Title design by Steve Sanning and Katie BrayScripps News Investigates

Fire Trap: The Failure To Alert During Deadly Wildfires (Trailer)

John Urschel writes on a chalkboard
Penguin Random HouseSports

Former NFL Player Explains Why He Traded The Field For The Classroom

Tractor in field
Mai Nolasco-Carranza/NewsyScripps News Investigates

Half A Million Farms Have Received Federal Aid Amid China Trade War

An interpreter speaks with Kurdish villagers during a tri-partite humanitarian mission involving US, Iraqi and Kurdish forces
GettyScripps News Investigates

Steep Drop In Visas For Afghans, Iraqis Who Helped U.S. Forces

Health professionals wearing scrubs and caps
University of MichiganScience and Health

Rate Of Violence Against Nurses Climbs Again

Woman checks phone in congressional hallway.
Newsy / Zach CussonPolitics

#MeToo Effort In Congress Not Over Despite Changes

A nurse undergoes physical therapy for an on-the-job injury.
NewsyScience and Health

Violence Against Nurses Is Up While OSHA Enforcement Is Down

Medical student Rahael Gupta turned her depression into a movement.
Newsy / Carrie CochranScience and Health

This Medical Student Turned Her Depression Into A Movement

A group of medical professionals work at the University of Michigan.
Michigan Medicine/University of MichiganScience and Health

Unspoken: Doctor Depression And Suicide