Phil Pruitt

Phil Pruitt

Phil Pruitt

Digital Editor

Phil Pruitt is a digital editor in the Scripps News Washington Bureau. He contributes regularly to "The Why" and helps edit the text for investigative stories. He also builds and publishes the pages for investigative stories on Scripps News. Before joining Scripps in 2014, he was an editor in the Yahoo Washington bureau from 2010-2013 and held a number of editing positions at Gannett News Service and USA Today from 1982-2010. While working at Gannett News Service, he edited a package of stories that won the 1991 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting. Phil often thinks about an interview with Bill Clinton in 1987 when Clinton was governor of Arkansas. The thing that was interesting about Clinton was that he had a raw political agility that allowed him to morph easily from an ""aw-shucks"" good old boy to policy sophisticate. It was a talent that could be disarming and required journalists to work hard to keep their critical distance. Phil’s dream interview is Bob Dylan. First question: If he wrote “Blowin' in the Wind” today, how would the lyrics be different?

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