Sarah Schlieder

Sarah Schlieder

Sarah Schlieder


Sarah Schlieder is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago where she studied science journalism. She has worked at prestigious research facilities, including NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and Johnson Space Center, and Argonne National Laboratory. Sarah currently serves as a science and technology reporter for Newsy. In this role, she reports on the latest news in science, tech and health. Sarah is committed to engaging the public in the extraordinary scientific breakthroughs made every day. To communicate science is to shed a new light on a fascinating world. Sarah’s work educates and informs the public about the science that impacts our daily lives and benefits us most.

Recent Work
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Honey bees

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PLATO spacecraft

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Landed sounding rocket motor in field

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Airplane resting on ground

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President Trump holding a NASA flight jacket

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Total solar eclipse

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Egyptian mummy sarcophagus

Mummy DNA Might Help End A Decades-Old Debate

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Blue Whale in the water

Blue Whales Weren't Always The Giants They Are Today

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Fake caterpillar on a leaf

Worried About Predator Attacks? Stay Away From The Equator

3-D printed ovary structure

This 3-D Printed Ovary Might Help Restore Fertility

Astronaut performing spacewalk outside of International Space Station

NASA Completes Milestone 200th ISS Spacewalk

Cloudy exoplanet orbiting its star

Astronomers Find A Watery, Cloudy Atmosphere On An Exoplanet

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This Robotic Exoskeleton Helps You Stay On Your Feet