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Steven Sparkman

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Asteroids orbiting in our solar system
NASAScience and Health

What NASA Plans To Do About Asteroids

A drone helicopter captures another drone helicopter in a net
U.S. Air ForceU.S.

When Can The Government Bring Down A Drone?

A pile of marshmallows on a black surface
Kate Ter Haar / CC BY 2.0Science and Health

The Famous Marshmallow Test May Not Predict Success Like We Thought

A cartoon brain with the words "Laurel" and "Yanny"
PixabayScience and Health

How The Laurel-Yanny Clip — Like 'The Dress' — Tricks Our Brains

A McDonald's menu displays the caloric intake of meals
Getty Images / Chris HondrosScience and Health

Can A New Rule Requiring Menu Calorie Counts Help Fight Obesity?

Stephen Hawking in front of a projection of Earth
Getty ImagesScience and Health

What Stephen Hawking's Last Theory Has To Say About The Universe

A soldier standing next to a satellite dish in Iraq
U.S. Marine Corps / Cpl. Jacob PruittU.S.

The US Military Has A Satellite Problem

Plasma on the surface of the sun takes the shape of a tornado
NASAScience and Health

Are There Giant Tornadoes On The Sun's Surface?

South Sudanese refugees use Oxfam water pumps
Oxfam East AfricaScience and Health

Guinea Worm May Be The 2nd Human Disease To Be Completely Wiped Out

Two men in a boat collect lost fishing nets
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationScience and Health

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Has Even More Garbage Than We Thought

Stephen Hawking on stage at the Breakthrough Starshot initiative
Getty ImagesScience and Health

Hawking Brought Profound Science To The Masses Like Few Others

A man using a smartphone in front of a twitter logo
Getty ImagesScience and Health

Fake News On Twitter Spreads Farther And Faster Than Truth

Handguns held over a display case
Getty ImagesU.S.

RAND Report On Guns Finds Policy Research Is Sorely Lacking

Hands reaching into grocery cart
Getty ImagesScience and Health

Choosing A Low-Fat Vs. A Low-Carb Diet Doesn't Seem To Matter

A worker watches a natural gas flare burn off
Getty ImagesScience and Health

Even With Loose CO2 Rules, The US Could Still Hit Paris Climate Goals

SpaceX's Dragon capsule entering Mars' atmosphere
SpaceXScience and Health

After Falcon Heavy, What's Next For SpaceX?

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy lifting off amid a dust cloud
Getty ImagesScience and Health

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Launch Was Impressive Despite Years Of Delays

A woman stands under a sunshade in a deforested area of the Amazon
Getty ImagesScience and Health

Can Everyone On Earth Live Well Without Wrecking The Planet?

Moon colored red during a lunar eclipse
NASAScience and Health

This Supermoon Is Actually Worth Checking Out

A scale model of the James Webb Space Telescope
NASAScience and Health

What's Taking NASA's James Webb Telescope So Long To Launch?

A student wears a virtual reality headset on the beach
Matt Perko, UC Santa BarbaraU.S.

Could VR Field Trips Replace The Real Thing?

A poster at the March for Science in Washington, D.C.
Newsy StaffScience and Health

Science May Not Be Political, But The March For Science Sure Was

Marchers for science in Washington, D.C.
Newsy StaffScience and Health

What Motivates People To March For Science?

Toy man being bitten by dinosaur
Kevin Dooley / CC BY 2.0Science and Health

So How Nutritious Is A Human Being, Anyway?

A person watching a television.
Newsy / Evan ThomasPolitics

How To Cope With Your Candidate Losing The Election

Hookworm under a microscope
Marina I. Papaiakovou / CC BY SA 4.0Science and Health

The People Who Give Themselves Hookworm May Be Onto Something

Earth as seen from more than 40,000 miles away by NASA's Messenger spacecraft
NASAScience and Health

How Will Mars Crews Cope With Watching Earth Fade Into The Distance?

The Ein Gedi scroll.
Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library / S. HaleviScience and Health

The Delicate Science Of Reading Ancient Scrolls That Can't Be Opened

Drug-resistant bacteria growing on Harvard's MEGA-plate petri dish
Harvard University Medical SchoolScience and Health

Watch Bacteria Become Drug-Resistant Like It's No Big Deal

Dogs gathered around an MRI machine
Borbála FerenczyScience and Health

Dogs Understand Language A LOT More Than We Give Them Credit For