IRS Wants Stimulus Checks Sent To Dead People To Be Returned

The IRS said Wednesday that any payments received on behalf of a deceased loved one should be returned back to the federal government.

IRS Wants Stimulus Checks Sent To Dead People To Be Returned
Eric Gay / AP

The IRS is asking people who've received coronavirus relief payments on behalf of dead relatives to send that money back.

When the IRS began sending stimulus checks to millions of Americans as part of the $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package, it largely based the payments on one's 2018 and 2019 tax returns. Some of those people have died since filing those returns, but some households still mistakenly received the payments on their behalf.

There was originally some confusion as to what people should do if this happened. But the IRS now says they have to send the full amount back to the federal government. If the deceased person was married and filed their taxes jointly with their spouse who is still living, then only the amount belonging to the deceased needs to be returned. The agency also updated its website with instructions on how to send the money back, whether it was received via a paper check or direct deposit.

The IRS also clarified other people who do not qualify for the relief payments, including those who are incarcerated and undocumented immigrants.

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