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LGBTQ Groups Are Upset The 2020 Census Is Leaving Them Out

The 2020 census was set to include a question about gender identity and sexual orientation, but it was omitted.

LGBTQ Groups Are Upset The 2020 Census Is Leaving Them Out
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LGBTQ advocates say the government is intentionally ignoring their needs by not including them in the 2020 census.

The Census Bureau released a list of categories it would use to measure the population in the upcoming census. Initially, it proposed adding sexual orientation and gender identity to that list.

Just after the list was released, that proposal was removed. The Census Bureau said including it was a mistake. Now, advocacy groups say they're being ignored.

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A representative of the LGBT Research and Communications Project said: "They can't address what they can't see. They're making it so there's no information to understand the needs of the LGBT community."

At least 75 members of Congress pressed for LGBTQ representation when gathering data. But census Director John Thompson said there was no need to include that question.