Here Are Those 'Paid Protesters' Donald Trump Always Talks About

We tried to find some, but we struck out.

Here Are Those 'Paid Protesters' Donald Trump Always Talks About
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Donald Trump thinks people marching against him are "paid protesters." So, how about the 500,000 protesters who joined the Women's March in D.C.?

"I've never protested anything before, but this has just gone over the limit for me," Cindy Yoe, a protester, said.

"Well, I think, in some cases, you have professional protesters," President Donald Trump told CBS in November.

"We're here today because we're not going to make 80 cents to the dollar," one protester told us. "We're not going to watch our health care rights be taken away."

A woman holds up signs at Donald Trump's inauguration.

Donald Trump Is Making America Protest Again

President Trump's inauguration was full of unrest, setting a record for the number of protesters at a recent inauguration.


"The purpose of this is to show that hate and all the rhetoric of the campaign won't be tolerated," Brandon Lardy said. 

"I think these people are ... kind of like professional protesters," Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told ABC recently

"Some of these protesters ... may well be paid protesters by George Soros or others," Sen. Ted Cruz said on Fox Business.

"I come here to stand in solidarity with my sisters across the world to show that we're not OK with the type of politics that are going on and we care about gender and racial equality," another protester told us.

"I'm marching with my mom and my wife to march for the next generation and make sure that everyone knows women are valued in our society and really work towards all the things that we really care about," Lardy said.