Revolt: Energy Revolution In The Heartland (Trailer)

In this documentary series, we explore the future of energy in America's heartland and how that will shape the future of our climate.

Revolt: Energy Revolution In The Heartland (Trailer)
Newsy / Kevin Clancy

The first of six episodes drops Oct. 9, followed by one new episode each week. 

Volunteer rescue worker Mike Level and reporter Zach Toombs search for residents trapped by floodwaters.

Episode 1: When It Rains

It's not just rising sea levels. A warmer planet means drought, extreme weather and raging wildfires across Middle America.

Wind turbines turn above cornfields in rural Iowa

Episode 2: Blue-Collar Wind

The wind energy industry is reshaping life in Middle America, bringing new jobs and revenue to the heartland.

Reporter Zach Toombs and retired coal miner Chuck Nelson overlook a mountaintop removal site.

Episode 3: Coal River Mountain

Researchers say mountaintop removal coal mining is making people sick across Appalachia.

Ted Eagle Jr. dances at a July 4 powwow on the Cheyenne River Reservation

Episode 4: A Tale Of Two Tribes

On the High Plains, one tribe says it hopes to build a new economy on clean energy, while another doubles down on coal.

A worker installs solar panels on a rooftop in San Antonio, Texas

Episode 5: Bigger In Texas

Clean energy is booming in Texas and across red states, but the Trump administration's policies could tilt the playing field in favor of fossil fuels.

The Young Evangelicals for Climate Action march on Washington, D.C.

Episode 6: The Kingdom And The Power

Can a new generation of evangelicals change the way Christians think about climate change?