Vatican Will Release 'Necessary Clarifications' On Abuse Cover-Up

The pope hasn't responded to claims he was part of a cover-up.

Vatican Will Release 'Necessary Clarifications' On Abuse Cover-Up
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The Vatican will release "necessary clarifications" about a sexual abuse cover-up by Catholic officials, according to the pope's advisers. Pope Francis has been accused of being part of the cover-up.

The pope has yet to respond to claims by a former Vatican ambassador to the U.S. saying the pope knew about some abuse allegations years before they were made public and did nothing to stop them. 

An 11-page letter by Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ², a conservative critic of Pope Francis, says he told the pope about abuse by former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. 

McCarrick resigned in July after allegations against him came to light. ViganĂ²'s letter also asks Pope Francis to resign.

The pope reportedly said he isn't thinking of resigning. Last year, he said "resignation is not a Christian value," according to Rome Reports. But he hasn't addressed ViganĂ²'s claims. 

Pope Francis condemned sexual abuse and cover-ups by priests last month.