Yes, The Women's March Had Real Goals — A Lot Of Them

The march had lots of goals on its platform, and the women we spoke with had a broad range of issues they were marching for, too.

Yes, The Women's March Had Real Goals — A Lot Of Them
Getty Images / Mario Tama

Hundreds of thousands of people attended the Women's March on Washington on Saturday. 

And people there weren't just making a statement, they were demanding action and protection of current freedoms. Newsy spoke with some of the demonstrators:

"What issues brought you here today?" asked Newsy's Noor Tagouri. 

"Everything that women have fought for over the years. Not having the clock turn back on us. So it's about keeping Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood, just in general, women's rights," said Darlene Fitz.

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"There is two things a citizen can do to make a statement on a national level: to vote and to protest," said Ayesha Ahmad. 

"In working with feminism, we want to be able to remember that all persons have human rights. All persons, regardless of where they came from, regardless of their situation, regardless of..," Pastor Sylvia Baker-Noren said.

"Do you think that's why the policy list is so broad?" asked Tagouri. 

"It is... it is. Because, as humans, we come with many different issues," continued Baker-Noren. 

"Well, there are countless. Primarily, the Affordable Care Act is one of my biggest. I wouldn't be able to afford to stay alive, because of the medical care the costs are astronomical," said Sama Bellomo.

"My population of interest are immigrants. I am a daughter of immigrants. I just hope I see allies of all different races and different groups, and people will be there to support us," said Lucy Hernandez. 

"Why do you think that the hundreds of thousands of people here today are here for so many different issues, compared to previous marches and movements that are more focused on one issue and one policy?" asked Tagouri.

"Well, we have the right to vote, so it's different because they were fighting for the rights we now have, yet our rights are still being diminished. I mean, there's this threat that our reproduction rights might be taken away. So we have the rights, but there's a threat that we can't really exercise those rights," Romy Toussaint said. 

"They are all important issues, and we need to stand up and fight for what we want," said Fitz.