House Impeachment Managers Are More Diverse Than Past Teams

For the first time, several women and people of color will serve as House managers in an impeachment trial.

House Impeachment Managers Are More Diverse Than Past Teams
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The seven people serving as House managers for President Trump's impeachment trial bring diversity to a role that's been historically white and male. 

In 1868, seven white men were the House managers for President Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial. Of course, at that time, everyone in Congress was a white man. For President Bill Clinton's Senate trial in 1999, Congress was more diverse, but that was not represented in the chosen House managers. Thirteen white men served as prosecutors for Clinton's impeachment trial. 

The seven members chosen by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi account for several different firsts: Reps. Zoe Lofgren, Val Demings and Sylvia Garcia are the first women to ever serve as House impeachment managers. Rep. Demings is also one of the first two African American impeachment managers, alongside Rep. Hakeem Jeffries. And Rep. Garcia is the first Latina.

Six of the managers have a legal background, either as a lawyer or judge, and the seventh, Demings, was a police officer for 27 years. They represent states including California, New York, Colorado, Texas and Florida. They also bring a range of congressional experience. Rep. Jerry Nadler is serving his 15th term in the House, while Reps. Jason Crow and Garcia are in their first terms. 

On the other side, the president's defense team includes six people, led by chief White House counsel Pat Cipollone and the president's personal attorney Jay Sekulow.

President Trump put together a small team compared to President Clinton, who was represented by 11 attorneys. About half of Clinton's team came from the White House counsel's office, while the rest came from his private attorney's firm. 

President Trump's impeachment trial resumes Tuesday, when the Senate is expected to vote on a resolution establishing rules for the trial. 

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